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Don't be Caught Unprepared

Learn Adult and Infant First Air / CPR !

Learning adult and infant First Aid and CPR is empowering and ensures that if the moment arrives, you'll know how to respond in an emergency.  This four hour class focuses on: 

  • How to provide First Aid and CPR if needed

  • How to assess a scene for safety

  • Effective decision making in a crisis

  • How to control the situation & bystanders as you wait for emergency personnel

  • How to use the cycle of care to ensure the victim's greatest chance for survival

Additionally, there will be discussion about when you should engage to assist in an emergency, and what (if any) obligations you have to assist. 

This is a fun and informative class that teaches a VALUABLE skill. The $85 class fee includes all needed books and instructional materials, as well as certification upon successful completion. 

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