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Prepare & Build Confidence

Become a PADI Rescue Diver

The PADI Rescue Diver course will be the most challenging, most rewarding course you've ever taken. Why? Because you'll learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident in your skills as a diver, knowing that you can help others if needed. During the course, you'll learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem solving skills until they become second nature. Plus, the course is just fun – it’s serious, but still allows for lots of laughter in between the focused learning.

CORE's Rescue Diver training program includes Emergency First Response First Aid & CPR training as well as the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty. Become a more confident diver, a better dive buddy, and prepare yourself to respond in an emergency by becoming a PADI Rescue Diver today!


  • You must be 12 years old or older

  • You must own your own equipment

  • You will need a pocket mask for in-water resuscitation

  • Rescue Diver can be strenuous, you must be in good physical shape

Class Structure

Rescue Diver Training Consists of: ​​

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(4) Classroom Sessions

(2) Days open water training

Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty

Emergency First Response CPR & First Aid

What Does Training Cost?

PADI Rescue Diver training costs only $350. Students are expected to bring their own gear, and you will need a pocket mask for in-water resuscitation training. If you are missing any equipment, your CORE instructor can help you select and purchase the appropriate equipment at Anderson's Ski and Dive in East Greenwich, RI.

There are no other required costs associated with CORE's Rescue Diver training. Class materials, and tanks are included in the price of the class.

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